About Us

Welcome to the world of beauty.
Gallery “WELLART”.

The life of a modern metropolis is hard to imagine without cars,
intensively built neighborhoods, noisy areas and avenues.
Cities live their fleeting lives with pictures rushing out of a car window … And yet everyone wants to stop, enjoy the wildlife; golden autumn colors, creaking snow, spring streams … The feeling of beauty is inherent in every person.

Gallery “WELLART” – our third project of the organization of art space in the Kiev metropolis. In our gallery we present paintings and artists capable of lifting the curtain into the fairy-tale world of painting … Imaginary and real world of artistic images, color illusions and realistic paintings … In our studio you can not only enjoy the works of wonderful masters and purchase paintings, but also communicate with artists, attend master classes, order a portrait and try to discover the talent of the artist.
Welcome to the world of beauty. Waiting for you…
Gallery “WELLART”.




Wellart 2023